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Stem cell therapy for Opioid Addiction

Treating Opioid Addiction with stem cells

Patients with opioid addiction are facing 3 main concerns:

  • Their tolerance to opiod medication is rendering their dosing inadequate, reducing their relief from pain.
  • Increasing opiod dose can come with serious physiological consequences, neurotransmitter imbalances, mood alterations, and severe addiction.
  • Quality of life under opiod addiction is severely affected. Patients lose capacity to manage daily activities, and all areas of their lives gradually become unrecognizable.

Regenerative stem cell therapy for Opioid Addiction

Pluripotent stem cells assist the body in repair. They reduce pain and therefore reduce need for opioids without withdrawal symptoms, by balancing neurotransmitters and brain function via their unique microRNAs.


Opioid Addiction Treatment Plan

Our treatment plans generally last between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on your overall health, your condition, and the severity of your Opioid Addiction symptoms. Anyone can sign up for stem cell treatment for Opioid Addiction. Each stem cell treatment candidate will receive a tailored plan to help achieve the highest success rate for maximum therapy efficiency. Typically, stem cell therapy for Opioid Addiction will resemble a program such as the one below, and will last for 5 weeks.


Stem cells

20 stem cell IVs



5 Plurisomes IVs


Peptides & Nutraceuticals

20 IVs



regular CaNa2 EDTA IVs



5 sessions


Physiotherapy & Massage

5 sessions


Benefits of stem cell therapy for Opioid Addiction patients

The role of stem cells in opioid addiction is to repair tissue, reduce pain, and balance neurotransmitters and overall brain function in order to avert withdrawal symptoms.

  • Decrease in pain

    The first benefit from stem cell treatment is pain reduction. Pluripotent stem cells signal repair on all tissues by releasing repair peptides and transcription factors. A reduction in pain means a reduced need for opioids.

  • Absence of withdrawal

    As patients reduce their opioid dose, withdrawal symptoms usually follow. With pluripotent stem cells, this is significantly reduced, since neurotransmitter balance and brain function overall is supported with neurotrophic factors and unique miRNAs.

  • Improvement in quality of life

    As pain wanes, so does the need for opioid use. Once the patient is off this addictive medication, life transforms. Patients experience renewed vitality and have a clearer vision of a healthy addiction-free future.

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