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Stem Cell Therapy: How It Benefits You

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Pluripotent stem cell therapy is transforming the field of medicine and its use is rapidly growing.  

Stem cells are currently ( or commonly) used to reduce joint pain, increase motion, and flexibility. The use of Embryonic Stem Cells goes beyond these skeleton applications as they are able to trigger repair in all organs and target diseases like diabetes, stroke, COPD, kidney failures, sclerosis, Hashimoto´s, or other autoimmune disorders as well as the ultimate disease that is aging.

At the Stemaid Institute Baja California, our specialists have pioneered the field of stem cell research, by showing how embryonic pluripotent stem cells can revolutionize the current treatments for disease.

Pluripotent versus Adult Stem Cells

Before we explain some of the benefits of this therapy, it may be helpful to know a little bit more about how stem cells are helping restore health even for those who suffer from ¨hard to treat¨ conditions:

Adult Multipotent Stem Cells:

When we think about stem cells we often ignore that there is a huge diversity of them. It was recently proven that every one of our organs holds a reserve of specialized stem cells which are their individual repair kit; there are cardiac stem cells within the heart, neural stem cells in the brain, pulmonary stem cells in the lungs. The fate of these stem cells, also called adult stem cells, is to be released in case of injury and replaced the damaged cells. A massive release of cardiac stem cells within the heart occurs in case of a heart attack for example. 

Such adult stem cells are commonly harvested from a patient’s own bone marrow or fat (adipose) tissue. These are autologous, meaning from your own body, which is beneficial in that they will not be rejected by your body. However, they are limited to their predetermined application, which is mainly in healing skin, tendons, bones, and conjunctive tissues. It is important to note that once harvested through liposuction, the number of stem cells available in the future from fat, specifically, will be reduced. Bone marrow stem cells (hematopoietic), on the other hand, only target blood-related disorders. Because of the limited capability of adult stem cells, the Stemaid Institute solely uses embryonic stem cells.

Embryonic Pluripotent Stem Cells: 

Pluripotent stem cells do not have the adult stem cell limitations. They are able to trigger repair in every organ.  It is also important to note that With advancements in stem cell science, it is no longer necessary to retrieve eggs or sperm to produce the blastocyst needed to produce these embryonic stem cells. Our scientists are able to produce an egg from a skin cell. They are also able to fuse such an egg with a fibroblast (skin cell) to produce an embryo.  In other words our Embryonic stem cells are produced by transforming skin cells into embryonic stem cells following several advanced scientific steps. No life is being produced or destroyed. There is only a transformation of old living cells into young and more effective ones, with the potential to manage your condition.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

With so many treatment options out there, you may be wondering what benefits choosing the Stemaid Institute Baja California’s stem cell therapy provides. The Stemaid Institute is the only institute that uses embryonic pluripotent stem cells for whole body repair and rejuvenation, in a peaceful resort. These cells are the only ones able to trigger repair in all organs instead of being limited to a few organs like adult stem cells are. They are also able to turn the biological clock back which is a unique feature of the pluripotent stem cells. Additionally, because stem cell therapy utilizes biologic material, the general benefits include minimal risk, minimal recovery time, no side effects, and minimal worry at our state of the art facility in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Our specialists use embryonic stem cells derived from a blastocyst that is either donated or cultured from a skin cell, to heal and treat disease. ESCs have a powerful healing potential that targets a number of “hard-to-treat” diseases, some which include: 

Multiple sclerosis
Brain injury
Heart disease
Cerebral palsy
Autoimmune disorders

Our experts believe in using embryonic pluripotent stem cells in whole body rejuvenation, for lasting health and creating a treatment plan that is personalized to you.  Contact our experts today to learn more about how embryonic stem cells could help you. 


Author: Dr Denisa Rensen

Denisa Rensen, BSc (Double Honours Biology & Philosophy), BA (Clinical Psychology), ND (Naturopathic Medicine), FAARM (Fellowship in Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine, A4M)

Denisa is Medical Director of the Stemaid Institute, a medical and research center focusing on degenerative conditions, age reversal medicine, and pluripotent stem cells.

Her expertise in anti-aging and regenerative medicine is creatively fused with her passion for optimal living, consciousness expansion, and futurism. Denisa has lectured and spoken on many conferences, among others she presented at Humanity+ TransVision 2019 in London, Annual Healthy Masters International Conferences in Porto Portugal, and Age Reversal Conference Series in Hawaii, Stockholm and Luxembourg.