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Frequently asked questions

We exclusively utilize human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) that are meticulously cultured in our state-of-the-art labs. Pluripotent stem cells possess the unique ability to differentiate into any cell type in the body, offering unparalleled regenerative potential.

Unlike other commonly used stem cell types such as adult stem cells, umbilical-cord stem cells, or fetal cells, hPSC have the capacity for limitless self-renewal and can generate a wide range of specialized cells, making them highly effective in regenerative medicine. This versatility and regenerative prowess set hPSC apart as a superior choice for transformative and personalized stem cell therapies, leading to enhanced outcomes.

Our human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) are continually cultured in our labs. They were originally derived from a 100-200 cell blastocyst (either donated or cloned from a skin-cell). At this very early stage, these cells have not yet become specialized in any way and are capable of signaling repair in all 220+ tissue types of your body, leading to whole body repair and rejuvenation.

Once a particular stem cell line has been established, it can be cultured for many years without losing potency or effectiveness and, most importantly, without the need of additional blastocysts.

While other stem cell providers commonly utilize mesenchymal stem cells derived from various adult tissues like placental, umbilical, adipose tissue, and bone marrow, Stemaid™ stands out for its exclusive use of pluripotent stem cells. Our pluripotent stem cells undergo continuous cultivation in our advanced labs, ensuring optimal potency for enhancing the body's self-healing mechanisms. These pluripotent stem cells represent the pinnacle of regenerative potential, being the youngest and most versatile cells available for therapeutic use.

With almost 20 years of pioneering experience in culturing and harnessing the power of pluripotent stem cells, Stemaid™ remains at the forefront of cutting-edge regenerative medicine. As the leading provider of pluripotent stem cells to both medical professionals and patients worldwide, we are dedicated to delivering the most advanced and effective stem cell therapies for transformative healing outcomes.

At Stemaid Institute, we take pride in delivering fresh, vibrant stem cells straight from our cutting-edge laboratory culture to guarantee superior quality and effectiveness. Unlike providers who rely on frozen stem cells, we are dedicated to preserving the full potential and quantity of stem cells for maximum impact on your body's healing process post-injection.

Every patient receives a minimum of 20 million potent stem cells per injection, carefully prepared to ignite the regenerative power within. While some clinics opt for frozen stem cells that may lose efficacy upon thawing, we ensure the vitality of our live cell delivery.

When selecting a stem cell therapy provider, it's essential to verify the stem cell count right before injection, without any freezing steps in between. This ensures that you receive the full benefits of your treatment as promised.

At Stemaid Institute, we prioritize transparency, quality, and the transformative potential of stem cell therapy to empower your journey towards enhanced well-being and vitality.

Some past patients are willing to talk to those considering treatment. They have created their own group on Facebook for this purpose called "Unofficial Stemaid Stem Cell Therapy Group". Please consider joining the group if you wish to connect with past patients.

Yes, at Stemaid™, we harness the power of exosomes through our exclusive product known as Plurisomes™. Plurisomes™ is a specialized exosomal concentrate derived from the pluripotent stem cell lines meticulously cultured in our advanced laboratories. Exosomes, the tiny vesicles secreted by stem cells, play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication and regenerative processes within the body.

Plurisomes™ encapsulate the regenerative properties and signaling molecules of pluripotent stem cells, offering a potent and targeted approach to cellular rejuvenation and healing. By utilizing Plurisomes™, we aim to enhance the therapeutic potential of our treatments, promoting tissue regeneration and overall wellness.

Through the innovative use of exosomal technology, Stemaid™ continues to lead the way in advanced regenerative medicine, providing patients with cutting-edge solutions for optimal health and vitality.

To date, our pluripotent stem cell therapy has produced no negative side effects; nor are there any medically or scientifically anticipated risks outside that of a routine outpatient injection.

Stem cells and exosomes and their complimentary therapies work best when administered repeatedly, daily, for a period of time, usually 2-5 weeks in a row. It’s the daily pulsing doses of stem cell regenerative factors that gives best physiological results. As a result, patients receive the treatments daily, Monday to Saturday.

Once the treating physicians have received your medical information, we can arrange for one of them to talk to your doctor.

After a doctor with experience in Stem Cell therapy speaks to a patient's doctor and answers all questions directly, the patient’s doctor will usually become much more comfortable and supportive.

Of course, once you return home, your own doctor will be handling your follow-up care and we will appreciate being informed of your progress.

Considering the wide range of costs associated with adult stem cell treatments in the USA, which can vary from $5000 to $15,000 per injection, Stemaid Institute offers a comprehensive approach to pluripotent stem cell therapy at an average rate of approximately $1000 per day. This inclusive pricing typically covers a range of treatments including pluripotent stem cell IVs, Plurisome IVs, chelation, nutritional IVs, ozone therapy, massage, and more, tailored to the specific condition and duration of treatment.

At Stemaid Institute, we believe in providing a holistic and personalized treatment experience that goes beyond just the cost, ensuring that patients receive a diverse array of therapies to support their overall well-being and healing journey.

Unfortunately, the therapeutic use of cultured stem cells is currently unapproved by the FDA. Insurance companies will typically only cover FDA approved procedures performed within the United States. Because we are located in Mexico and utilize cultured pluripotent stem cells, our procedures are not covered by insurance at this time. 

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