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Heart disease treatment

Treating Heart disease with stem cells

Patients with reduced cardiac health are facing 3 main health concerns:

  • Reduced cardiac function due to damage, enlargement, or stiffness of the heart muscle, leading to difficulty in pumping blood into the circulation.
  • Circulatory congestion in the brain, leading to dizziness and confusion, in the lungs, leading to shortness of breath, peripheral circulation, leading to swelling in the abdomen, legs, and ankles, and excess fluid load on the kidneys.
  • Increased inflammation & heavy metal load in the body, leading to coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, and increased risk of a heart attack.

Regenerative stem cell therapy for Heart disease

An efficient way to help restore the quality of life of our cardiac

patients is to address these challenges in parallel, repairing the

heart organ, quenching inflammation, chelating heavy metals, and

improving circulation.


Heart disease Treatment Plan

Stemaid programs are 2-5 weeks in length, depending on your condition and severity of your symptoms. Every candidate for stem cell therapy receives a customized plan to help achieve the highest success rate, however, a "typical" plan for the treatment of patients with this condition might include the following over 4 weeks.


Stem cells

20 stem cell IVs



4 Plurisomes IVs


Peptides & Nutraceuticals

20 IVs



20 IVs



4 sessions


Physiotherapy & Massage

4 sessions


Benefits of stem cell therapy for Heart disease patients

The role of stem cells in cardiac health is to repair the damaged

heart and other affected organs, improve circulation and prevent

future heart attack risk.

  • Increase in physical stamina

    The first benefit from stem cell treatment is an increase in overall
    energy levels and physical stamina. Pluripotent stem cells contain
    growth factors, angiogenic and transcription factors that repair the
    cardiac muscle and activate cardiac progenitor stem cells. Patients
    experience renewed vitality, the ability to walk longer distances,
    climb stairs and resume mild exercise.

  • Decrease in circulatory congestion

    As the pumping capacity of the heart begins to restore, and as the
    inflammation and heavy metals are cleared, the body’s circulation gets
    going once again. Patients report gradual improvements in brain
    function, breathing, and the fluid retention and swelling begin to

  • Improvement in quality of life

    We’ve had patients that would have had to quit their jobs or sell
    their farms if their ejection fraction did not improve. The stakes are
    high with cardiac health. Once the heart muscle is actively repairing,
    circulation moving, and perfusing all the vital organs, the individual
    has much more strength and can once again plan an active future. Stem
    cells give them their life back.

See what our patients say about us


I am a female, 64 years old. I had an echocardiogram in Sept 2016 that revivals 'ejection fraction' which measures heart strength 35 to 40%! 65-70% is the norm. My last stress test was at 30% during that timeframe! I had a repeat ECO this month Jan. exactly 1 month since my last stem cell treatment in Mexico Dec 2nd. Results were astounding 45-50%! We are so very excited and thankful to the doctors and everyone at "Stemaid"!

Charlene L.