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Skin Cancer: Treatment with Plurisomes

Sunshine is so healthy for us, yet we all know it can cause damage to the skin and even lead to cancerous lesions to show up on especially sensitive skin. Jan, our Stemaid patient, has such skin. Very light, of Northern European ancestry. Recently, Jan came to Stemaid with several pink scaly patches on her lower legs. Her dermatologist had made a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), based on multiple biopsies and Moh’s procedures. No worry, when caught early, SCC can be successfully treated. But when they become more advanced, these skin cancers can become dangerous. She was swiftly treated by her MD with chemotherapeutic 5FU and Fluorouracil Cream 5%, but this treatment aggravated these lesions. Knowing how well Stemaid stem cells worked for her in the past, Jan decided to try Plurisomes™ (pluripotent exosomes) as an alternative.

Plurisomes™, are secreted from Stemaid's pluripotent stem cell line and are full of growth factors, immune factors, peptides, microRNAs that signal repair and regeneration. In Jan’s case, when administered intravenously and injected locally into the are of the SCC lesions, they are known to create an anti-tumorigenic micro-environment in the area and revert cancerous cells back to benign state. In fact, there is ample scientific evidence showing that Pluripotent stem cells and their exosomal secretions signal mediating molecules and transcription factors that revert tumor cells back to healthy phenotype. This is so important to understand. Pluripotent stem cells turn cancerous cells into non-cancerous healthy cells. This is so widely known now that pluripotent stem cells are being used prophylactically to prevent cancer.

Before Plurisomes™
Before Plurisomes™
After Plurisomes™
After Plurisomes™

Weekly injections of pluripotent exosomes reverted Jan's skin back to a healthy state, the discoloration and scales dissappeared, the skin went back to normal, smooth as a baby.

It was a true joy to witness this transformation. Now anytime Jan has something showing up on her fair skin, she comes in for Plurisomes™ injections and IVs. It’s just smart medicine.

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