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Fighting Heart Disease with Stem Cells

Thursday, April 21, 2022

With increasingly sedentary lifestyles, food additives that clog arteries, and an overall increase in stress levels, heart disease has become extremely prevalent in recent decades. The National Institute of Health estimates that around 92 million Americans have some form of heart disease and that number is showing signs of increasing in the future. The good news is that regenerative medicine is making advancements in therapy to help repair damaged cardiac cells.

The professionals at Stemaid Institute in Baja California have years of experience providing therapy for cardiovascular conditions. We specialize in the use of pluripotent stem cell injections to help regenerate damaged heart tissue and aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in the future!

Heart Disease and Cardiac Cells

Following a major cardiac event like a heart attack, your heart will naturally be supplied with cardiac stem cells that will attempt to repair or replace damaged heart tissues. This process is thought to occur for approximately one week following the initial event and then abruptly stops. This is likely a control measure to provide aid to damaged cells while not wasting valuable resources.

Heart disease is a condition that requires constant attention and care. Once you have suffered a heart attack or other cardiac condition, you are likely to experience another episode in the future if you aren’t careful. The American Heart Association estimates that around 335,000 recurrent heart attacks happen each year. This highlights the need for regenerative care that can help restore heart health and reduce your risk of degeneration.

How Embryonic Stem Cells Can Help

Embryonic stem cells are cells that have not yet been programmed to serve a dedicated function. They are known as pluripotent, which means they can serve as any cell they are required to. When they are injected into the body, they will secrete molecules that are in response to the environment in which they are injected. These molecules, called exosomes, are able to transfer information to damaged cells in the heart so that these damaged cells either die to be replaced by new healthy cells or they include the new information carried by the exosomes and restore their full function. As a result, the overall heart regains its capacity, one cell repair at a time.
Pluripotent stem cells could also take on the function of the heart cells and replace damaged cardiac cells if they are made with the recipient’s own DNA. This is the added benefit of the Autologous Embryonic stem cells that are proposed at the Stemaid Institute.

Studies have shown that cellular repair begins within minutes of injection of the stem cells and continues for days. By receiving repeated daily injections, we induce a state of continuous repair for several weeks, which is key for a successful long-lasting restoration.

Our Heart Disease Stem Cell Protocol

Consult with the professionals at Stemaid Institute in Baja California to determine the recommended course of action based on your condition. If you have suffered from an infarction, we suggest a minimum of 18 injections of ESC over the course of 3-4 weeks in order to gain significant repair.

Treatment Plan

At the Stemaid Institute we provide a 4-week heart-healing program that consists of the following treatments:

24 Stem Cell IVs
10 Day Detox & Vitamin/Peptide IVs
4 Ozone Therapy Sessions

Learn More About Treating Heart Disease With Stem Cells

The professionals at Stemaid Institute are utilizing cutting edge regenerative medicine to fight the effects of cardiovascular disease and associated heart damage. If you have questions about stem cell therapy or would like to speak with a specialist, call or book a consultation online today!


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