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Aging treatment

Treating Aging with pluripotent stem cells

As we age, our cells lose the ability to replicate and function, and over time the wear and tear on our body leads to some of the most common signs of aging, including:

  • Declining immune & metabolic function, which affects the integrity of all organs and renders us susceptible to chronic illness, infections and cancers.
  • Decreased cognitive ability, leading to loss of quality of life and loss of our well-earned independence.
  • Loss of muscle strength and motor ability, which significantly restricts our ability to enjoy the full extent of the wisdom years of our lives. 

The use of stem cells

Pluripotent stem cell therapy replenishes the supply of stem cells that allow the body to efficiently repair itself, reducing inflammation and improving all the organs and systems of the body.


    Treatment plan

    Stemaid programs are 2-5 weeks in length, depending on your condition and severity of your symptoms. We customize every plan, however, a "typical" plan for this type of condition might include the following over 4 weeks of treatment..


    Stem cells

    20 stem cell IVs



    4 Plurisomes IVs


    Peptides & Nutraceuticals

    regular peptide & nutraceutical IVs



    regular CaNa2 EDTA IVs



    4 sessions


    Physiotherapy & Massage

    4 sessions


    Benefits of pluripotent stem cell therapy for Aging patients


Pluripotent stem cells work to regenerate and rejuvenate tissues damaged over time by stress, diet, environmental factors, and injury, including the skin, bones, organs, and joints. Stem cell therapy can also re-activate and replenish the supply of stem cells that allow the body to efficiently repair itself. The anti aging benefits are many.

    • Reduced inflammation

      The first benefit from stem cell treatment is a reduction of inflammaging, the chronic inflammatory process that results from presence of senescent cells in aging tissues. Pluripotent stem cells release immune factors and miRNAs that modulate this and reprogram tissue to a younger immune and metabolic age.

    • Improved organ function

      Pluripotent stem cells signal repair and reprogramming in all 220+ tissue types of the body. Pulsing doses of pluripotent peptides and transcription factors allow for renewed angiogenesis, neurogenesis, growth and regeneration and over time return organ function to a healthy state, averting or reversing development of diseases of aging.

    • Improved quality of life

      Aging can take a toll on the body, the mind and quality of life. Energy levels, mobility, cognition are all affected when organ function declines due to degeneration. Pluripotent stem cells and their regenerative secretome reprogram epigenetics of the tissues and gradually begin to reverse the physiological decline. Patients report more energy, better health, improved medical results, and this vitality allows them to take up projects and activities they enjoy once again. Once we see a return of libido, we know we are reversing aging.

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