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Alzheimer's Treatment Center in San Jose Del Cabo, MX

Can Alzheimer’s be Hereditary?

Alzheimer’s disease develops when the proteins in your brain fail to function properly, and this leads to your brain cells malfunctioning. This disease is usually a result of many factors that affect your brain as time passes. Both environmental factors and genetics can play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. However, if your close family members have the disease, you do have a higher chance of developing it yourself.

How Alzheimer’s Affects the Brain

As you grow older, your brain naturally reduces in size to a certain degree, however, this natural loss of brain cells is very limited. When you develop Alzheimer’s disease, matters are very different. Alzheimer’s causes you to lose a significantly large amount of brain cells, and this disrupts vital brain function. The disease starts off by destroying your neurons and their connections in the memory center of the brain and then moves onwards to targeting the areas of your brain that control language and reasoning.

Since your brain cells malfunction and die at such a high rate, this disease will slowly take away your ability to live independently and function on your own if it is not treated properly.

A brain with Alzheimer’s disease contains many abnormal accumulations including:

  • Amyloid plaques
  • Neurofibrillary tangles
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Loss of neuronal connections

How do I Know I Have Alzheimer’s Disease?

All of us will experience brain aging to a certain degree, but if you develop serious memory loss and are constantly confused, this is a sign that something is wrong.

Some of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include:

  • Inability to learn new things
  • Severe memory loss
  • Mood and behavior changes
  • Disorientation
  • Unfounded suspicion
  • Difficulty sleeping and walking

If you’re experiencing ant of these symptoms, you should come in to Stemaid Institute to learn more about our Alzheimer’s stem cell therapy.

How to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease in Los Cabos, MX?

If you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, your doctor will likely prescribe you disease-modifying drugs or therapies. These medical interventions are designed to help improve your symptoms. However, if you’re looking for a therapy that targets the root cause of your disease and helps reverse your brain damage using your body’s own healing mechanisms, Alzheimer’s’ stem cell therapy is a viable option.

Our stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s uses the regenerative power of pluripotent stem cells to reduce brain inflammation and repair brain cell connections. Get in touch with us at Stemaid Institute to learn more about how our stem cell therapy can stop Alzheimer’s disease from taking over your life.

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If you’re seeking treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, we can help. Come and visit Stemaid today to learn more about how our stem cell therapy can help reverse the damage caused to your brain by Alzheimer’s disease, and to start on a treatment plan as soon as possible.

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