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Blog posts about stem cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy Explained

In this blog I will discuss stem cell therapy, the different kind of stem cells used in regenerative medicine around the world, and why we work with pluripotent stem cells.…

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What Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

How much does stem cell therapy cost and important information to know before you book your first appointment. …

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Stem Cell Therapy: How It Benefits You

Pluripotent stem cell therapy is transforming the field of medicine and its use is rapidly growing.  …

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Fighting Heart Disease with Stem Cells

With increasingly sedentary lifestyles, food additives that clog arteries, and an overall increase in stress levels, heart disease has become extremely prevalent in recent decades. The National Institute of Health estimates that around 92 million Americans have some form of heart disease and that number is showing signs of increasing in the future.…

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How Does Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy Differ From Other Stem Cell Therapies?

Many clinics worldwide provide stem cell therapy, but what are the actual differences between the stem cells available?…

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