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Your path to optimal health exists, let’s walk it together. Achieve whole-body rejuvenation at our world-class facility.

At our one-of-a-kind institute you can focus on healing

Stemaid Institute paves the way for medical breakthroughs as the world’s only whole body rejuvenation institute using standard and autologous pluripotent stem cells & exosomes. Our unique designation allows us to present revolutionary treatments to patients seeking optimal health and quality of life. Stemaid™ was the first in the world to provide pluripotent stem cells to doctors and patients for therapeutic use. With over a decade of experience, you can trust that our stem cells are safe and reliable.

Conditions treated, we’ll customize a plan for your needs

All of our clients who visit Stemaid Institute in Baja California Sur receive a customized treatment plan created to match their individual conditions and needs.

The team at Stemaid Institute Baja California aims at healing the whole body, not just removing a few symptoms. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or you are seeking optimal health and well-being, our unique pluripotent products will bring vitality to every one of your organs and breathe youth back into your aging cells.

These are some of the conditions that have proven responsive to Stem Cell Therapy. If your condition is not shown in this list, please inquire with our medical team. New applications are always under development and we will give you the latest updates for your condition.

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A thorough health

Unlike many health care providers we are not satisfied with only treating symptoms. We aim to discover and treat the root cause of your condition.

Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy is a revolutionary therapy that has been changing our patients’ lives. It uses human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) to target hard-to-treat diseases like stroke, multiple sclerosis, and many more. Experience our whole body rejuvenation for yourself.

Our journey to your health, a multi faceted approach

Healing is more than a singular treatment. It’s a journey. Higher success rates are achieved when the entire body is taken care of.

Upon your arrival, you will undergo a comprehensive assessment. You will receive a battery of tests, a full blood workup, along with bioresonance testing using Fscan and Magnetic Scalar technology that reveals your microbial composition and the main stressors in your organs. Our team will then design the best combination of Stem Cell IVs, Plurisome™ IVs, Peptide IVs, Chelation IVs, Vitamins & Mineral IVs, supportive nutraceutical and botanical supplementation, qi-gong, and therapeutic massage to address the metabolic dysregulation causing your condition.


Stem cells

High potency pluripotent stem cells that signal repair and regeneration in every tissue of your body.



A broad spectrum exosomal concentrate derived from our pluripotent stem cell lines for DNA repair and much more.



The most effective ozone therapy; RHP/EBOO, clears pathogens and boosts the immune and antioxidant functions of the body.



To remove heavy metals from the body and assist in the healing of tissues.


IV Therapy

Providing nutrients and medicines to move swiftly through your bloodstream to reach all tissues for nutrient repletion, repair and regeneration.



Relieves pain, anxiety, and encourages relaxation.


Why choose Stemaid Institute?

We have a competitive advantage. The clinic team and staff at Stemaid™ are international. You'll benefit from the support of our consultant doctor Denisa Rensen ND and the scientific expertise of Dr. Brigitte Hanly PhD.

We use a different kind of stem cell, a very unique set of diagnostic tools, and side treatments. We also utilize natural drug-free alternatives when necessary. We do not limit ourselves to any type of medicine. Our goal is to have patients heal and for that, we welcome any side treatment that could contribute to their healing.

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Stemaid Institute is located in sunny Los Cabos, a breathtaking resort city by the ocean with pristine beaches, crystal blue water, and stunning natural beauty. We believe that your surroundings are an important part of your health journey. Here, your stay will be peaceful, nurturing, and therapeutic so you can focus on healing. Our restorative environment promotes a sense of wellbeing as you receive care from our team of experts.