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Multiple Sclerosis treatment

Treating Multiple Sclerosis with pluripotent stem cells

Patients with MS are facing 3 main physiological challenges:

  • Demyelination and neurodegeneration affecting the brain and spinal cord leading to gradual loss of function with vision, sensation, balance, physical movement overall organ dysfunction. This leads to significant loss of quality of life, depression and anxiety.
  • Immune dysregulation: MS is immune-mediated, directly affecting axonal myelin sheath. During a flare-up, the immune system attacks the oligodendrocytes, damaging the myelin sheath which affects the neuron’s function. The sheath becomes inflamed and the communication between the body and brain is disrupted. This damage causes multiple scarring (sclerosis).
  • Chronic infections & Parasites: Although the reason why the immune system attacks the neuron sheath is not fully established, several scientists have noticed an abnormal presence of heavy metals and pollutants in the damaged parts of the brain of all the MS sufferers that they have tested. We’ve also observed that patients who suffer from degenerative diseases respond better to stem cell treatment after a series of chelation and anti-parasite therapies.

The use of stem cells

The goal of stem cell treatments for MS is to regulate the immune system, reduce the damage done to the nerve cells, and repair damaged tissue. Stem cells can trigger the body to replace damaged cells, repairing the tissue in the central and peripheral nervous system.


    Treatment plan

    Stemaid programs are 2-5 weeks in length, depending on your condition and severity of your symptoms. We customize every plan, however, a "typical" plan for this type of condition might include the following over 5 weeks plus weekly visits for 6 months.


    Stem cells

    25 stem cell IVs, plus additional weekly IVs for 6 months



    5 Plurisomes IVs, plus additional weekly IVs for 6 months


    Peptides & Nutraceuticals

    25 IVs



    regular CaNa2 EDTA IVs



    11 sessions


    Physiotherapy & Massage

    11 sessions


    Benefits of pluripotent stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis patients

    Pluripotent stem cells can repair the nerve tissue in the brain and in the periphery, balance the immune system and help recover the lost physical and organ function. With each injection, self-healing mechanisms are triggered and the patient's immune system regulates and nerves start to repair.

    • Reduced Inflammation

      The first benefit from stem cell treatment is immune regulation. Stem cells and their exosomes release immune and transcription factors that help immune cells to shift away from TH1 auto- immune reactivity. Detoxification IVs and anti-parasite treatments also help to restore immune function. This calms the fire destroying the axonal integrity and allows the myelin sheath to restore.

    • Sensation

      The second level of benefit is usually observed after a minimum of 1-2 weeks when inflammatory fire is quenched and the myelin sheath has a chance to start restoring. The neurotrophic and neuro-regenerative factors, the growth factors, mRNAs & miRNAs signal renewal, repair, and regeneration in the brain and in the periphery. The parenthesis, numbness, tingling, burning, all gradually start to improve.

    • Mobility

      After about 3-4 weeks, neuromuscular junctions and larger muscle groups begin to show signs of repair and recovery. Speaking, swallowing, movement and strength begin to gradually return. Dizziness wanes and balance improves. The results depend on the severity of the MS and which part of the brain and/or spinal cord is originally impacted. Healing takes time.

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