What to Expect

Your journey to health at the Stemaid Institute begins with a round of assessments.

Doctor’s Visit

When you arrive for your first day at the clinic, you will be meeting the doctors in person for a full intake visit with the doctors. In this visit, they review your medical history, your symptom list and your key concerns. After this thorough visit, you will receive a health assessment – scans and blood tests. Once the results are available, you will one again meet with the doctors to review them. The process is very pleasant and insightful. Our doctors care deeply about creating a plan for you that is personalized and long lasting.

Bioresonance Tests

You will receive two cutting-edge bioresonance tests as a part of your assessment. We are able to isolate frequencies of various viruses, bacteria, mold and heavy metals in the body. With this better understanding of your specific levels and chemistry in mind, we develop your custom cleanse and boost protocol.

Blood Tests

On the second day of your program, you will arrive at the clinic in a fasted state. Our professional nursing staff will take 2-3 vials of your blood to be fully analyzed. The blood panels we perform are comprehensive. We test a full range of metabolic panels, and specialized panels such as: age reversal panel, weight loss panel, hormone panel and further personalized panels.At Stemaid, we care deeply about making a positive impact in our patient’s lives. We begin each treatment plan with thorough and comprehensive assessments. For more information, contact us and our team of experts will be ready to assist you.


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